new to board, need HRT doc in Atlanta

  1. new to board, need HRT doc in Atlanta

    I'm 33 and after 3 T tests none of my docs would treat me. I had a Primary care do it and an endo guy do it twice. Everytime i was in the low 300 or high 200's. My free T was in the normal range though os they wouldnt treat. I have pretty much all the HRT symptoms. Renewman is insanely expensive. i have a friend who got a doc to give him 200mg/week of cyp and he feels great. Co-pay on the depo-test is 10$! Has anyone dealt with anyone in atlanta who is progressive in their approach to TRT?


  2. Hello 56hunter, just as an FYI, a pharmacist recommended to me ...... in ....... He's an ...., but also treats men with low T. I have not gone to him yet, as I plan to work with my GP first. If you go to him, let me know what you think.



  3. an ob-gyn?

  4. Yes sir, but his receptionist said that he does have male patients. He specializes in hormone replacement therapy for both sexes.



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