Hello- I'm new here. And I'm not a man. And I'm 26. ---But hell, somebody suggested I post this in the anti-aging forum....and this seemed the most applicable thread of the 3 choices.

I've come across this forum a few times when researching the latest treatments/supplements for Huntington's Disease (a fatal neurological disease)- and I need some help with something you guys might know. A few recent animal studies have shown that the disease has a strong metabolic component and that increasing (upregulating) PPAR-Delta and possibly Alpha has ameliorated most symptoms of the disease in animal models. This is all very preliminary (first study came out in Jan 09)-but the good thing is several of the drugs they are testing have already been tested either as supplements, or as drug therapies for metabolic conditions such as diabetes. The most promising is GlaxoSmithKlines drug called GW501516 - which is not as of yet available (legally anyhow...but the IOC has already instated a ban and developed a test for the substance, so maybe its out there somewhere?). Others that I've found are ATRA (Basically Retinoic Acid--in pill form)- which sounds way too unpleasant to take, and it is currently only available as a chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia - or in my skincream, which I'm not about to eat . The most recent I came across was Tetradecylthioacetic Acid or TTA... which is an ingredient in many fat-loss and cutting supplements--which lead me to this board. I have seen a few other threads (even one from years ago on GW501516!), and it seems like you guys know your stuff. If you were looking for a PPAR Delta Agonist, to treat a terminal illness that you do not yet have symptoms of- but will develop in the next 3 or 4 years - would TTA be the best choice? If not then?? And if TTA, which of the available supplements manufacturers sells this without combining with any other substances (I'm assuming most take TTA in a pill or powder form with a bunch of other stuff in it...not what I'm looking for). Which do you think is the purest? Is this stuff available in medical grade or by prescription?? I've got a good (well, nice) doctor. I'm not looking to lose weight - but that is a small price to pay for me if this stuff turns out to have any preventative affect down the road (no problem upping the calories to compensate . Also, any info on GW501516 that anyone may have -- I would absolutely LOVE to hear.....this is the stuff developed a while back that made some headlines about the 'marathon mice' - it had pretty radical affects on endurance and on slow-twitch muscle growth...and apparently turned the heads of a few olympic athletes. Any info is greatly appreciated! This is disease is very rare (Huntington's) and its usually me educating my neurologists and taking the lead in finding out about new research and potential treatments---this avenue (PPAR Agonists) seems the most promising, and if something is already developed and out there now that I can take--I don't have the luxury of waiting around for the human trials.

Many Thanks,
~ Molly