Extremely elevated testosterone?!?!?

  1. Extremely elevated testosterone?!?!?

    I have just done some Saliva hormone tests with ARL pathology. They are as follows:

    I was shocked when i saw the testosterone how is this possible? Could this have been an error. I always have low testosterone so i dont know what the hell is going on.

    Baseline Hormone + Adrenal Hormone Profile

    Note: I was on nilstat anti-fungals while doing these tests i dont know if that couldve changed the results in anyway.

    Salivary Oestradiol (E2) - 1 pmol/L (Male <10)

    Salivary Testosterone - 900*H pmol/L (15 - 90)

    Salivary DHEA - 4.7 nmol/L
    Time - 0600

    Salivary Cortisol - 5*L nmol/L (6 - 38)
    Time - 0400

    Salivary Cortisol - 27 nmol/L (no reference range noted)
    Time - 1200

    Salivary Cortisol - 6 nmol/L (1 - 12)
    Time - 1800

    Salivary Cortisol - 1 nmol/L
    Time - 2200

    Salivary Cortisol Reference Range Note:
    0600 - 0800 Hrs (5.3 - 61.8 nmol/L)
    1800 - 2000 Hrs (1.2 - 12.3 nmol/L)

  2. salivary is inaccurate for T. END OF STORY.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  3. What do you think of these cortisol levels?

    Id say their better than before.

    Last time i had morning cortisol 105.00 (10.00 - 42.00) range, and afternoon cortisol 17.00 (10.00 - 15.00) range.

    Although the low morning cortisol would explain why its absolutely impossible for me to get up at 6-8am where sometimes i feel like a zombie.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by The Matrix View Post
    salivary is inaccurate for T. END OF STORY.

    It pains me to see HRT clinics use these.

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