Can test cause high prolactin?

  1. Can test cause high prolactin?

    I was diagnosed with low t (283). Still on the low end of normal but I felt horrible and weak. Even though I'm 42 I have always been a big bencher and the drive to even train is gone. Started on trt and felt great for about 4 months. Now I have gyno starting and balls look like I'm 12. Endo says I have high prolactin 32 and need a pituitary MRI. Was taking 100mg cyp every 10 days, but 2 times I upped it to 200mg to feel the difference. I want some nolvadex to stop the pain and growth but he wants the test and says these dosages should not be causing gyno. He also wants a mammogram which I think is stupid. I never had the gyno until the test. Could the shots raise my prolactin levels or have I had high prolactin which caused the low t to begin with?

  2. Probably had high prolactin to begin with. Start taking 200-400mg of Vitamin B-6 daily. See if it reduces your gyno.

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