I have been having a lot of back problems recently. Felt as though my spine has been curving and i was unable to keep it straight. Had the feeling of a lot of tension in my middle back and it was a lot better when i lied down on my back.

I had an x-ray done:

Their is moderate thoracic kyphosis. There is 15% compression of the anterior parts of T8, T9 and T10 vertebral bodies with only minor disc narrowing. I cannot be sure the age of this compression and pedicles appear normal. There could be osteoporosis <- WTF?

Now im wondering could this be from hormonal imbalances or malabsorbtion or what. My last blood test last year my blood Vit D and Calcium we're both below normal range. But since then i have been taking both on and off.

Im looking into malabsorbtion problems and starting to address hormonal problems.

Could hashimotos be related to this? or B12 deficiency?

Im 20 with untreated low test, hashimotos - hypothroidism, low DHEA's, and low GH.

Is their anything in particular i could do to improve this condition?