My Bloodwork/Stack: Test 20%, Estrogen Lowered 50%

  1. My Bloodwork/Stack: Test 20%, Estrogen Lowered 50%

    Hey everyone,

    I thought I'd repost the results I attained with the Testosterone Recovery Stack.

    My Total T and Estradiol Levels Came in at 528 and 93 for my baseline blood test pre-cycle, on March 2nd 2009.
    My Total T and Estradiol Levels show significant improvement after two weeks, Testosterone 647 and Estradiol 47....March 13th 2009.

    I'd like to open up my blood test results for discussion. Specifically, what factors can contribute to a high baseline estradiol level? Also, what is an excellent testosterone/estradiol ratio? I know that I have read, and Eric confirmed, that high caffeine usage can cause a build up of estrogen in the system...I definitely have my fair share of caffeine.

    I'm interested in optimizing my natural hormone levels to the fullest. Two weeks on this stack cut my estrogen in half and bumped up my testosterone by over 20%, so I see some real promise in these supplements for others as well. I will make sure to post my blood work at week 4.

    BTW, my in depth log can be found here: 'Balls Deep' Primordial Performance Test Boosting Stack

  2. Interesting results...What type of personal effects have you noticed from this change if any?

  3. Libido is up, definitely. It was good before, but it definitely has made me feel more randy.

    I've noticed a little bit better quality of sleep as well.

    Face is slightly more oily.

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