Blood Pressure

  1. Blood Pressure

    i am 28/m. I have been taking prohormones for years. Never realyl did a good PCT. I think past years of using has caused high Blood pressure . I get stuff like hot face, flushed sensitive skin, red eyes, etc..I have had these symptoms for year and half. Ever since i did trendarol by kilospots and epistane a while back.

    MY BP usually around 145/84 or so. It gets worse when i walk into a store or something like that. My eyes kind of get red with the hot flash. Eye doc says eyes rea fine. I lift weights and my eyes go red. THis has happened ever since trenadrol a year ago. Went to doc other day and bp was 150/84. So its high off and on. Physician assistant going put me on low dose of ace inhibitor? Shoudl that help with tthis. I have had it for a while so i am thinking prescription meds would help more so becasue i think my bp has been on high side due to these supplements? Everything else in blood work is in check....


  2. Yes an Ace inhibitor is what you would be prescribed. You have pretty high blood pressure for 28. I would def. see an actual doctor.

  3. I am pretty much in the same boat as you. My doc gave me a beta blocker and it did the trick, everything else failed.

    buy an blood pressure monitor and take it at home. That is a good way to find out if you are having any anxiety issues.

  4. were u getting flushed hot face during day as well as red eyes or what were ur symptoms?/

  5. I never got the red eyes. I would get the flushed face in stressful situations. The beta blockers are helping. People always ask me, were you just on vacation?, you look so tan.

    I believe that on top of having HBP, I also suffer from anxiety. I found that taking some GABA along with beta blocker helps.

  6. what is GABA? where to get it? I thikn i have somewhat anxiety but i flush and get hot face quite a bit....espicially in afternoon and in different situations...I think i have serious dry eyes which could cause my red eye. Not sure why at such a young age. Maybe Blood pressure has something to do with it. WHo knows.

  7. GABA is short for something I would not even begin to try to spell... Due a google search of it.

    Trenadrol is pretty strong stuff, I can see it causing your problems.


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