Hey im just wondering if their are any particular herbs that can cause liver damage or elevated liver enzymes.

I have been using two herbal tonics for 3 months maybe more but im using them a lot less now. I seem to be getting dull liver pains and feeling pretty tired. But then again im always feeling tired/exhausted/ill these past few months.

Just a bit concerned about the liver pains. My last blood test october last year my liver enzymes we're normal. But i havent checked them recently.

The tonics contain:

Echinacea root 500mg
Andrographis leaf 375mg
Forsythia fruit 400mg
Lonicera flower bud 425mg
Magnolia flower bud 275mg
Platycodon root 275mg
Isatis root 375mg
Schizonepeta leaf 225mg
Glycyrrhiza root (Licorice) 150mg

Astragalus 1000mg, Codonopsis 500mg, Siberian Ginseng 450mg,
Ganoderma (Reishi) 500mg, Atractylodes 300mg, Ligustrum 300mg,
Schizandra 300mg, Licorice 150mg

Also having been using Lactoferrin regularly. + Probiotics + antihistamines. But generally trying to minimise the use of supplements at the moment due to fear of liver problems.

Will any of the above mentioned herbs cause liver problems? and are their any which should be avoided in general?