Does Propranolol really work in erasing bad memory ?
The reason I ask is my food allergies get cleared thanks to NAET..but somehow I'm still so traumatised by all the reactions and allergies I had in the past that when I am consuming the food at some level Im still experiencing emotions such as Fear,Worry,Hopelessness (that If i eat this mt throat might hurt again) and that makes the allergy come back (Emotional allergy its known as in NAET). The treatment is wonderful..it really is..its just my brain is still crappy..and its something I need to work on more..
I was upto brain3 in the parts of the brain treatment then Food additives came back thanks to me fearing it at some level.
From now I would eat with a neutral mind without any emotions (to the best of my ability) and say a little prayer while eating..but it would be good if I could eat things which have been cleared without any worry or fear ?
I mean I dont get any reactions now but deep down I do worry a little or fear some foods a little and that makes the allergy come back.
I progress in the treament and so many allergies have been cleared..but these emotional allergies due to my brain's weakness are really depressing. It needs to be cleared again and thats another 25hours of avoiding things and falling back in the treatment.

Wish I could just erase all these bad memories. I think i really need something for the time being till the parts of the brain are completed. I can't progress if previous things keep coming back..
Would Propranolol help ?

Sorry for the long post.Just a little sad today.