Does supplementing Vit B12 make mercury poisoning worse?

  1. Does supplementing Vit B12 make mercury poisoning worse?

    I have high mercury levels on hair analysis and am wondering if my supplementing with Sublingual B12 1000mcg per day for 3 weeks about a month ago could have made my mercury problems worse or made any nerve damage worse (I have a reduction in the sense of touch which is either due to mercury or B12 deficiency)?

    Although i dont have any new symptoms but have been reading alot of conflicting information regarding this topic.

    "B12 acts as a methyl donor and this in turn can turn the inorganic form of mercury in the body into the methyl mercury form which is 100 times more toxic. It is contraindicated with mercury poisoning and should only be used after mercury has completely been removed from a persons body."

    True or not?


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