Major stress events leading to low testosterone problems?

  1. Major stress events leading to low testosterone problems?

    I've been pondering why I have low testosterone issues. Nobody else in my family seems to have the same, although the same could be said of my hypothyroid problem. So no obvious genetic factors.

    Leading up to being diagnosed with low testosterone, I spent a really stressful 18 months trying to salvage an 8+ year relationship after discovering my (now ex) girlfriend was having an affair. The whole thing totally caught me by surprise, and I literally developed post traumatic stress symptoms. Some weeks I was only able to sleep 2-4 hours per night (sometimes less!) due to stress induced insomnia, and in general my stress level from work and dealing with my girlfriend's emotional problems was extremely high. In the end I got a new job and dumped the ex, but the ordeal really took a toll on me. Excessive long term mental stress is extremely unhealthy.

    I'm wondering if others went through similar periods of prolonged high mental stress before developing testosterone problems?

  2. not as such, but i remember when i was highly stressed out, my sleep was shot, and my appetite was gone, which pretty much = no testosterone. that's happened to me twice so far in my life. as soon as the stress was gone, and i was eating/sleeping again, everything returned to normal, or so i think - i have no bloodwork to prove it.

    vaguely similar circumstances as well, except it was my wife coming out of the closet, which has an equally damaging effect on the psyche.

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