Love & Hormones, Which ones are involved?

  1. Love & Hormones, Which ones are involved?

    I am aware this is a rather vague question. However since at the core of huminaty is survival and replication, I am interested in understanding which specific hormones are involved in the process of attachement, partnership and feelings of love.

    I am aware of Oxytocin, Pheromones, Estridol and various neurotransmitters play a role. Can anyone give me a deeper insight into this?

  2. This is all I know, (in a basic sense ):

    PEA is the 'love chemical'.

    People with high levels of testosterone tend to not want to settle down with one person and want to move around from person to person, spreading the 'seeds of love'.

    People with a lower T:E ratio tend to want to settle down more and take on the 'nesting' mentality, in a monogomous relationship.

  3. dopamine and seratonin play roles as well

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