A new drug for hair regrowth?

  1. A new drug for hair regrowth?

    I heard on the news the other night that a drug called latisse which is used to stimulate eyelash growth could possibly be used to stimulate growth on the scalp. I was interested in this because I have advanced to a mature hairline and I would like to fill in the spots that I have lost some hair. anyone know anything about this. I was going to pick some up soon and see for myself.

  2. I doubt it.

    From my reading it increases the length and thickness of existing hairs. Nothing I read suggested it would regrow new hairs, which is really what we want.

  3. Scratch that. According to another blog, they are testing a higher concentration which is growing hair. It is estimated to cost YIKES $120 per month. Just in time for the depress..uh..I mean..recession.

    Dont bother with the other one on your head, not powerful enough.

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