Skinny Face? Topical Fat GAINERS???

  1. Skinny Face? Topical Fat GAINERS???

    After going through several periods of prolonged/severe weight loss (years), my buccal fat pads (cheek fat) do not store/retain fat, very well. Even after a normal diet is restored. The overall appearance is mildly sunken cheeks and a definite "aged" look. More so, than natural.

    As facial fat loss is the #1 contributor to an older, haggered appearance, the lack of fat accumulation in my face is disconcerting.

    Here are my stats:

    31 years old
    White (Caucasian, western European descent)
    215 lbs
    BF - 20%+?
    Waist - 40 inches....

    Granted, I'm not in the best shape. I let myself go after university, where, at the time, i peaked at 245 @ 10% BF and 34 waist.

    My diet is solid. Eat probably 2500 calories a day. I'm adequately nourished.

    Not sure whats going on here. I'm "Fat" by most standards, but my face is skinny!! Ugh. When I gain fat, it just seems to go to my waist. Totally bypasses my face. And when I lose fat, I lose what little fat on my face so I look almost sick. I've actually had people say I look sick or unhealthy when I'm at 200 pounds. Which for my height, is nowhere near "unhealthy" or "sick". !?!????

    As far as genetic considerations, it was never this way when I was a teen or during my twenties. Definitely had a much more natural, pleasing look. Well balanced facial fat, I suppose.

    I know topical fat burners exist. How about topical fat GAINERS??

    Welcome any help or suggestions.!

  2. i dont think you can put fat on your face without effecting other parts of your body.What you could do is eat more and workout with a view to increasing your weight and have a more solid appearance.Apart from doing that you could just make the best of yourself -you may do already i dont know- increase your self esteem , get on well with people,maybe throw out old clothes and get some new , but dont go around thinking you want to look like somebody else or wish you didnt look the way you do , just try to get on with your life , occupy your mind and eventually youll forget all about it

  3. while I'm not aware of any topical fat gainers, extra care to staying very hydrated, and using a good moisturizer could help to lessen the "aged" look a little bit

  4. eat alot of fresh veggies. youll be surprised how well you look when eating these verses not. i mean a lot of them!

    and yea a hydrating creme AMJUNE50 50 % off

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  5. Creatine mono really makes my face puffy..maybe use it and see if it has the same affect on you if thats what you are looking for ?



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