what are the proper blood test for this. I have every symptom of over active thryoid. My skin flushes easily, my skin turns red easily when i sweat and red eyes. It all started when i took trenadrol.

t4 was 10.0 ug/dl and range was 4.5 to 12.0

what else would i need

also FSH is 3.1 and range is 1.4-18.1
LH is 5.8 MIU/ml and range is 1.5 -9.3
Total test is 626
SHBG is 59
e2 is 53
Globulin is 2.4 which is low
AST is 42 U/L which is high
Cortisol Am 23.0 and range is 4.0 to 22.0
Free T4 and TSH is 1.08 ng/dl and range is .71-1.85

HTSH II is 1.050 uIU/ml and range is .490-4.670

please help out and let me know why i get red and flushed skin and if there is some sort of imbalance. The color of my skin changes to pinkish reddish flushing easily. when i run, in social settings, after i shave. Just really sensitive skin. All happened after i took trenadrol 10 months ago. I think it might be e2 being high. I also have reddish rash on upper chest that wont go away. dermatologist say hormones. So just checking. My endo has no clue what he is talking about. So maybe one hormone could cause htis.i also have gyno on left nipple? Any ideas what i need to get back on track to get everything else back.Thanks