Newbie needs help please

  1. Newbie needs help please

    I am new to the forum so if I am in the wrong place please dont hesitate to tell me where to go

    My question is - How much should I be paying for HGH and test cream.

    I called a few places locally & I have listed the best price I could find.

    $550 inital consult which includes test cream and Labs "but not the omnitrope" (I have already completed the labs on my own but this didnt matter regarding the price.) If I follow through with my appointment this Friday I will be out of pocket aprox $1,000 to get started.

    Monthly fees after the inital consult are as follows:

    $125/month admin fee - Is this an FU pay me fee or normal?
    $195 for 17.4iu of Omnitrope - The guy I talked too recomended 1.5 iu/day 5 days on 2 off based on my IGF-1 # of 234
    $40/month for test cream I think he said 10% strength - Total test is 408 and free is .36

    Are these prices decent? I called another place locally and they were even higher in price.

    I tried searching the forum for prices ect and couldnt find anything.

    Any help to resolve my ignorance to this is appreicated!!!

  2. I think it is kind of rip off so far as the fees but the price on the HGH is good. I was quoted 295 from my place for that same quantity.

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