24 year old going to anti-aging clinic

  1. 24 year old going to anti-aging clinic

    would they even prescribe me anything? I called up a clinic today andthey want me to pay $900 for a blood test but I dont kow if theyre going prescribe me anything... i dont want to wastemoney and get nothing out of it

    do they pretty much prescribe to anybody or what?

  2. Are you in the U.S.? What exactly are you hoping an anti-aging clinic would prescribe you?

    $900? What are they testing for? IGF-1 levels? GH? Test?

    If you want the best answer, just ask them. You should know why you're paying $900 and what the results will determine.

  3. PM me when you can. i can give you my docs info. dont waste that kind of money

  4. Spend $200 -$300
    use LEF.org testing, no need to go to doc.

    Find out your problem first.

  5. I cant send PMs right now cause i just registered but if one of you can shoot me a PM with a cheaper doctor in the SF Bay Area or Sacramento that would be greatly appreciated.



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