Week 5 PCT (HPTA working?)

  1. Week 5 PCT (HPTA working?)

    Libido seems better, and energy is returning.

    My free test is:

    Free Testosterone(Direct) 8.7 pg/mL REF: 9.3-26.5

    I'm still on SERMS at a low dose. Does this mean my HPTA is working again, or will I only know once I fully come off the SERMS? If so, how long would I have to wait after coming off the SERM to test and know HPTA is working?


  2. CE, shouldn't this thread be in the PCT section?

    As far as addressing the question, I personally would be cautious and run the SERM(s) at a normal dose for another week or 2, and retest if possible (to get yourself fully back into the normal range). As far as the time off of SERM to retest, since SERMs vary in 1/2 life & clearance, I would wait at least a month, but that's just my estimate.

    Did you have e2 tested?

  3. Thanks.

    No, just free test. I plan on doing it all soon.

    Right now I'm with Clomid Citrate @ 50 mg / day (37.5 active?), and 30 mg torem. (kitchen sink approach).

    Also on activate xtreme for the divanil and the IC3.

    Also using endoamp, and will switch to lean xtreme for cortisol control. Do you think LX is supressive?

    I guess I'll run the serms for another 2 weeks, and retest, go off for a few weeks, and then retest.

    I had low test before I ever ran AAS.

  4. Update:

    I'm moody as hell. Probably end up getting myself fired at work.

  5. i've been told that clomid citrate can damage your eye sight... so i use nolvadex to come off

  6. Quote Originally Posted by charley View Post
    i've been told that clomid citrate can damage your eye sight... so i use nolvadex to come off

    I've heard the same, but I've also read Clomid is superior at restarting HPTA and releasing GNRH / LH / FSH.

    I also have torem.


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