Estrogen levels?

  1. Estrogen levels?

    Wondering what sides are for elevated e2 in males? Can hot flashes, sensitive skin, dry irratated eyes, signes. I also have a little bloat around neck and sides by stomach. My e2 level was 53 while range goes to 54. Heard males need to be between 10-20. I hear alot of differnet opinions about hormones and what estrogen dominance can cause? Maybe estrogen is causing other hormones to mess up SHBG is high as well as cortisol. Could these cause the symptoms i mentioned or any help. dont worry about what i took, etc...just talking about sides from these elevated hormones??


  2. I have high levels as well... A little higher than you and I have chronic fatigue and dandruff. My skin isn't really too dry though and I'm not sure what you mean by sensitive. I wear contacts and haven't had too much problems with my eyes lately. They used to dry out really bad though.

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