I take weekly injections for TRT.
A couple weeks ago I had symptoms of gyno flare up. I think I initially got this a year ago from Havoc. Anyway, I went in for lab work per my trt dr's request. I do not have the lab numbers in front of me nor do I know them however he's prescribed me arimidex. He has me dosing .25mg for four days after my weekly injection. Prior to him getting me the arimidex I started taking 40mg of tamoxifen per day. I've been on that for nearly a week.
Tomorrow is my injection day so I'll be starting the arimidex. My question is, should I continue on some tamox in addition to the arimidex or should I just follow his orders for the arimidex only? I have some puffiness and small lumps under each nipple.

Please help!

Thanks in advance