Restless leg syndrome.....?

  1. Restless leg syndrome.....?

    Anyone have any advice or a good site to go to that discusses this?

    My mother has it......bad.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by spinn View Post
    Anyone have any advice or a good site to go to that discusses this?

    My mother has it......bad.
    Any of reasons listed below rings a bell?

    Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment on
    What causes restless leg syndrome?

    The cause of restless leg syndrome is unknown in most patients. However, restless leg syndrome has been associated with
    iron deficiency and anemia,
    nerve disease,
    polyneuropathy (which can be associated with hypothyroidism,
    heavy metal toxicity,
    toxins, and many other conditions),
    other hormone disease, such as
    diabetes, and
    kidney failure (which can be associated with
    vitamin and mineral deficiency).
    Some drugs and medications have been associated with restless leg syndrome including
    H2-histamine blockers (such as
    Zantac and
    Tagamet), and certain antidepressants (such as

  3. Could be B12 deficiency as well (prenacious anemia) hopefully that was spelled right, some have problems absorbing it in oral forms. I was diagnosed in a sleep study with it and turned out that I had low T and high E2, with trt I rarely have issues now.

  4. I know you could buy quinine caps OTC for a long time and they seem to have some unique intrinsic value for this, at least for some sufferers. If they don't still sell them, a glass of tonic water might do the same thing. Also, electrolyte disturbance probably plays a role, so a balanced calcium/magnesium and sodium/potassium ratio should be sought.

  5. buddy i'm sorry to hear that. RLS has to many causes. From mercury poisen over low dopamine to Vit. B deficiency and many many more.

    If you have a good insurance or enough money you should send your mother to a huge blood exam with all kind of tests like vitamins, hormones, heavy metals, different interleukin etc. and don't forget the nuclear spin thermography to get sure that it's not a bacterial infection or a mycosis in the head/spine.



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