Test serum 626

LH 5.8
FSH 3.1

Prolactin 6.8

Back 6 months ago

test 808

LH 18.8
FSH 10.2
TSH 1.3
T4 10

Reason i went to get blood tested was because i had flushing of skin. Skin problems. Intolerance of heat. Red eyes. Not sure what the hell my doc knows. I dont think he is that good. He did do estrogen and said that was fine. Dont have results though.

I took trenadrol about 9 months ago. I took letro also. Since then, i havent taken anything and that is prob why test is lower, etc.../????Anythig else he should check for or any input as to why i still get hot as day goes on??maybe not hormonal. If i run or excerise, my eyes go bloodshot, my skin flushes on arms and legs and face gets extremely hot. Not normal. Any input would be nice.