Beta Blockers?

  1. Beta Blockers?

    my skin turns pinkish/reddish when working out. Worst in high beam light or what not? Why is this? Blood Pressure? Anxiety. I also sweat underarms, my fingers turn pink on top, outside of arms , and upper chest. Face feels like prickly heat after set and continues with working out. Why is this? Would beta blocker help this? I also get this condition whenever i am in some social situations. Not a shy guy either but dont understand why i do. A few beers and i flush also. Let me know if beta blockers work. Heard they do on this occasion? im 28/healthy male. Been blood checked for the most part and everything is fine. Could this be estrogen also?

  2. I had the same thing you had, but I had asked a question about the reddish marks. (I did not mention the tinglings and such)
    But I was asked if I have been working out harder than normal, and which I was. So that was the answer, maybe you are facing the same situation?

  3. Sounds like you may have Rosacea. Google it.

  4. If you're using any vasodialators or NO products, you might try reducing the dose of those to see if that helps. If I have a glass of wine with dinner and then w/o later than night, it happens to me sometimes, but not to the degree of what you seem to be describing. Are you on any meds now?

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