I have been searching for answers for skin problems, red eyes all the time, hot flashes, etc....Most blood work comes back fine. However, i did have HIDA scan for gallbladder which came back bad. Therefore, doc said i mgiht want to get it out? Could gallbladder cause this effect on skin. If i run, my skin turns pinkish red and eyes get red automatically. Is that liver heat????Or what? I am just trying to find out whats up. My liver blood test came back ok but doesnt mean it might be sluggish as someone said on here. So i am juust looking for answers. If so, what can i take? Milk thistle. Other than that, i know at one point my estrogen levels were very high. Could estrogen cause this. My stomach feels like a sharp dull pain near gallbladder and liver quite a bit. Why i did the gallbladder test. If i press on stomach, i feel a pain. So please let me know whats up. I dont want to get my gallbladder out if i can do something else to help. But just seeing if this would cause symptoms i said above.