Normal TSH, low FT4/FT3

  1. Normal TSH, low FT4/FT3

    I'm on HRT 200mg/week.

    I'm dieting and did a short 2 week cycle of Clen 100mcg/day, a T4/T3 combo of 50mcg/12.5mcg + T3 25mcg/day. Came off it and had blood drawn 6 days later.

    My results (european units and ref ranges):

    TSH 1.4 (0.2-4.0)
    FT3 2.3 (2.5-5.7 low)
    FT4 7.6 (9.0-22.0 low)

    About 6 months ago, my FT3 was also in the low range, but my FT4 was middle of the normal range and TSH about 2 - I was doing a ketogenic diet back then...

    Am I still rebounding from the 2 weeks of T4/T3 use, or is there reason for concern (secondary hypopituitarism)?

  2. IIRC, thyroid meds can stay in your system 2+ weeks, so at 6 days you could easily be "under the influence". I'd talk to doc about retest later on.

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