I have been suffering with sub-clinical hypothyroidism, low testosterone symptoms and adrenal fatigue for the past two years,

Living in the UK makes it difficult to get full blood panels done, so i can only post what i have here.

All my symptoms came about after getting varicocele. Here are my thyroid results:

24/08/06 (Before varicocele - no symptoms!)
TSH: 0.63 [0.35 - 5.5mu/l)
FREE T4: 15.8 (9 - 24 pmol/l)

14/11/06 (Few months after varicocele)
TSH: 1.93 [0.35 - 5.5mu/l)

TSH 1.21 [0.35 - 5.5mu/l)
Free T4: 13.4 (9 - 24 pmol/l)
Total T3: 1.5 (0.9 - 2.8 nnmol/l)
Cholesterol: 4.5 (mmol/l - no range)

I can post kidney and liver results if required.

Saliva results showed high progesterone, mid range DHT and low free testosterone. I am aware Saliva results are not used as accurate values, blood work for free testosterone was very similar. I appear to have symptoms of low estridol (inability to hold water), high progesterone and low free testosterone.

Beard growth and hair growth don't appear to be a problem, indicating that DHT is normal.

Saliva cortisol was bottom of the range on the 4x daily checks, however i don't have many symptoms of adrenal fatigue other than the sexual/libido problems. I do seem to suffer from low grade depression and a somewhat paranoid/anxious thought process.

My symptoms are as follows: Low energy, fatigue, low muscle mass, constipation, low libido, problems getting and maintaining erections, flaccid penis shrinkage, testicular atrophy, reduced sexual sensation, etc.

My main concern is reduced muscle mass and ED problems. I am 25 years old, 9 stone with very little fat.