Bound Test?

  1. Bound Test?

    i have been to dermo involving my skin being flushed in hot weather or whenever i get hot. I get hot easy also. Not sur ewhat this is. My eyes hurt throughout the day and turn red. Get headaches as well. The dermotologist said i have high free bound test that is causing everything on my skin and feeling flushed and sensitive? Coudl this be it? I had blood work done so i am anxious to get results from endo i went to. I feel like **** throughout the day. Very hot. Eyes hurt. Flushed skin and burning neck. have no clue if testosterone is it or not. I think so though> I used a quite a few prohormones and the last one i used is when this started. used trenadrol by kilo. Any advice to what might be going on?

  2. You stated your doctor said it's from high free bound test - that's a contradiction if I've ever heard one. Test is either free or bound.

    Feelings of being flushed, sensitive, etc - those sound like estrogen effects. Either high estrogen or it can happen via estrogen withdrawl from overdoing an AI. Headaches and sore eyes? Drink more water and maybe see a optometrist that'd be my number one comment about that...but I'm no doctor.

    By the way, don't play the guessing game..get bloodwork done. Doing cycles without doing bloodwork is simply irresponsible.

  3. I am getting blood work done now. Should be back next week. What should I test for in this situation? Not sure how experienced my doc is on these things?

  4. already saw 3 eye docs and all said i have great eyes. They get irritated and i guess dry eye causes by something internally . Just trying to think what that might be.

  5. I get dry and irritated eyes all the time, since I was young, but I also work at a computer all day and too much at night.

    Ask for a full male hormonal panel and for estrogen specifiy Estradiol Ultrasensitive and nothing other than the Ultrasensitive assay. Couldn't hurt to also test Thyroid and Adrenal Hormones on top of the sex hormones.



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