What to Take

  1. What to Take

    I have finally realized that my past use of prohormones is the reason for all my troubles. Went to dermatologist, physicians, other dermo and finally realized and have been tested for EVERYTHING and all came back great. Went to endo as well.

    Well i took trenadrol., Got a rash and ever since had blotchy red sensitive flushed skin. I also took mass fx and epistane. It started whenever I used those products as well.

    ANyways, my free test is SO High. My blood vessells dialate due to adrenaline, etc... so my blood is right under my skin making it SO SENSITIVE and FLUSHED SO EASY. Can someone tell me what to take that would calm this down ASAP? I am going to endo monday to hopefully start taking some meds but was wondering what i could take natural or some other good product for skin. Beta blocker work for time being? PLease let me know. I am just glad i found out issue. The dermatoligist that told me is very very very good and i have no skin problems.

  2. BTW, free test was 4 times high. I mean VERY high. Not sure if he even checked cortisol. But also did glucose check a few weeks ago. it was like 50

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