Few Q's regarding upcoming Lab-work

  1. Few Q's regarding upcoming Lab-work

    Tomorrow, I'm having a comprehensive thyroid function panel (blood) done and was wondering if it should be done first thing AM before eating or if that doesn't matter, and also if I should or should not take my Adderall prior to the blood draw?

    Also, I'm having Cortisol x 4 and DHEA x 4 saliva test in a few days and was wondering if I should take or not take my medications the day I do the saliva testing...?


  2. Well, I had the thyroid panel drawn and just decided to wait until after to take my medications. I haven't done the Cortisol/DHEA saliva test yet (still waiting on the kit), will taking my Adderall or Xanax that day (or the day prior) alter the results at all? Anyone know if I should take them or not?

  3. The kit should come with instructions about what to avoid... typically its only hormones and certain foods.

  4. I hope so. I was just thinking that since I'm looking for adrenal insufficiency (among other things), I would suspect I should probably not take Adderall or Xanax due to their affects on Cortisol and perceived anxiety/stress...

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