Question for Matrix on hormone's in our early teens

  1. Question for Matrix on hormone's in our early teens

    Typically when we were like 14-15 years old, does our Testosterone stay mostly Testosterone, and not convert as much to DHT and Estrogen?

    I know some teens get some sort of gyno or whatever, but i never did. I was always like 7-8% bodyfat, ripped, hard, lean thin rock hard face, muscular without lifting weights, and i never trained and i ate whatever i wanted. I always had good natural athletic abilites, sky high sex drive,ect,ect. I also smoked weed and cigarettes.

    I liked the way i looked at 15 the best, so i guess im trying to mimik that as much as i can.

    I wish i knew what my hormonal profile at the time was, i would pay anything to know.

    I wish i knew what my Testosterone levels were, and if most of it stayed Testosterone, or if i had really high DHT levels aswell, and lower end levels of Estrogen, as i had like no bodyfat at all and was hard and solid/firm like a rock. The only place i had a little bit of meat/fat was my ass, but barely.

    When i burnt out my adrenals at age 23, i did get total and bioavailable Testosterone levels checked, and my total T was 20 with the highest range being 23, so high normal, and my bioavailable T came back just over normal range, so high. But my Cortisol was also low with low DHEA-S, because of adrenal fatigue, so i think this was causing higher T levels, because of the low Cortisol. Also, my Estradiol came back borderline high because low Cortisol causes high Estrogen, and since being on Cortef, Zinc, and Iodine, it dropped down a lot to a pretty decent range i beleive.

    Obviously my HGH levels were high at 15 years old, and mabye my IGF-1 levels, and my T3 levels were most likely high aswell, along with adrenals being in good shape.

    The problem is that im prone to hairloss and already have some signs of it, so i want to use Propecia to lower DHT, but then im going to have to problems to solve. My Testosterone is going to go up, and my Estradiol is going to go up. I dont know by how much Merck says roughly 15% each, but i dont want an increase in Estradiol, so if i use something like Myomin to naturally lower Estradiol, then my Testosterone will go up even further which i dont want. It seems like i have naturally high Test as it is and i dont want it any higher.

    Just curious! Thanks!


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