I've been thinking alot about this potential move to the states and feel it might be too difficult for me to find another job with the current ression on-going and so fourth.

I remember reading on another forum Dr Mariano recommending Dr. Thierry Hertoghe from Belgium. I get seven days off work a month and should be able to afford the trip to Belgium to see this doctor.

Has anyone been treated by this doctor? Does he speak english or only french/dutch?

After doing some research I couldn't locate a website for him nor any real information. However i did find the following quote from a thyroid website:

"Thierry Hertoghe, Thierry Hertoghe, General practice/internist/primary care, Endocrinologist Avenue van Bever laan 9, Belgium, 1180, 011 32 373668686.

Note: Dr. Hertoghe is no longer seeing patients on a regular basis, but his associates will continue to consult with patients. Patients wishing to consult with Dr. Hertoghe should be aware that they will probably not be seen by him, and that another physician will be responsible for follow-up. "

I assume blood testing labs are close to where he is located?