Proviron to aid with TRT?

  1. Proviron to aid with TRT?

    If one prefers shots for TRT, but needs to increase DHT further, would Proviron be great for shooting 'two birds with one stone'? It's an AI and is a DHT derivative, which acts a lot like DHT (very pro-libido, very androgenic, etc). It also supposedly increases free test.

    Thoughts, concerns?

  2. Looking for info

    bump! I've been reading a lot in the steroid forums for further learning about testosterone and discovered Proviron a couple days ago. From what I've read it could hold the key to the problem sooooo many of us share. I was just thinking about starting a thread in this section to ask about it and saw this thread. To anyone unfamillar with Proviron who suffers from ED, you owe it to yourself to spend some time researching it on here and online in general!

  3. It seems great and is great, problem is it's not available through prescription. I think it would be highly beneficial if it were though. Some proviron and DHT topical would be a nice addition to some who are on the shots. No doubt would eliminate the need for an AI, help with free androgen index, as well as keep libido up high.

  4. proviron makes your test shots even better. it increases your free test levels and just makes any test cycle that much better. I'm not sure how well it will work as an AI though.

  5. It's a fairly mild AI in comparison to others, which is actually nice.

    DHT also opposes estrogen. A DHT topical is one of the best things for gyno as well... For TRT, proviron might be sufficient enough to keep e2 in check I'm thinking, if TRT is done right to prevent excessive spikes in e2.

  6. yeah DHT topicals are very very hard to come by.


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