For quite sometime, i guess i suffer from anxiety due to the prohormones i have taken, etc. I am not a shy person. Outspoken and confident so blushing, out.

However, i wake up in the morning. Skin is fine. No hotness or flushing in face. 45 minutes later as soon as i start getting readyto go to work or anywhere, my face starts getting HOT!. My skin turns reddish pinkish tint. I cant CONTROL THIS. Almost happens everyday. Among all this, my EYES are red every morning and get worse as all these symptoms occur. If i get really excited about something, my face and eyes start burning prickly feelings. Same as if i am angry or working hard or what not. If i lift weights now, i flush easily on anything lwarm. Something warm makes it so much worse. I have been to eye docs, dermatologist, etc.....and everything is fine in the skin and eyes. but i have red skin and red eyes. I think anxiety last bed. My BP goes up in these situations. i started measuring it. Please let me know procedure as far as curing this? Anything to help with no side effects? I dont want to be all pilled up with xanax. No way. I am going to doc tues about this. I also cant tan like i use to. My skin gets red on contact with anything warm? very unusual for me. I usuall tan very well. This due to anxiety? Symptoms i mentioned?