High BP

  1. High BP

    I am not sure if i am having spikes in BP but i was going to mention my sides as well as my BP. I get flushing when i feel like i have a spike. Skin gets really red and hot when i workout. Worse than it should be. I checked my BP and it is around 135/85 other day after work? I think that is high. 28 year old and workout everday so i dont know. When i get excited or angry or what not, i get really bad flush and eyes go red. But mainly i want to know if that is high

  2. No thats not alarming.... your top number the systolic can range from 90-140 and the diastolic can range from 60-90. Check your salt intake along with your hydration. Those two things can have a dramatic affect on BP, limit your sodium to less than 2400mg sodium daily... if you have high BP or are taking meds you should keep it under 1500mg daily.

    For water you should take in at least .5-1 ounce per lb. of body weight. Try and limit you caffiene intake too due to its diuretic properties. hope this helps!

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