Hi everyone,

first post, would love to get some opinions from knowledgeable folk here on my lab tests done recently after a long period of low libido, motivation and concentration problems and a depressed 'flat' feeling. Am 31 yo male, never done AS, have lifted on and off for a few years without any real progress. results below:

Estradiol 144 pmol/L
Progesterone 4.3nmol/L (0.2-1.4) !!!!!

Testosterone 21.8 nmol/L (12.0-32.0)
Free Testosterone 54.1 pmol/L (43-138)
SHBG 28 nmol/L (15-50)
DHEAS 14.0 umol/L 2.5-13.

The doc, who happens to be an LEF doc, was most concerned about my E levels saying it is too high for a man of my age (31). He recommended saw palmetto concentrate to inhibit T aromatasing into E. Been on it for over week, havent noticed anything yet.

He didnt mention anything about the progesterone which is 4 times higher than the high end of the range!! anyone know much about this and whether it could be linked to the high E levels?

Testosterone levels are OK, free T is lowish, not sure what the Free androgen index is about...

DHEA is over the high range which is kind of odd to me...

It looks like a strange mix to me, anyone see a pattern in here? Doc seems to think that saw palmetto should balance things out and bring T levels up slightly. Opinions??