Stop Armour......cold?

  1. Stop Armour......cold?

    I have a growth on my thyroid and my DR wants me to take some sort of nuclear medicine re uptake scan to see if it is malignant.

    This scan would require me to stop taking Armour, which I have been taking for 18 months now, cold for a period of one month leading up to the test.

    My thyroid numbers are generally mid range and although I would like them higher, think that is reasonable.

    My question is......isn't stopping Armour cold after being on continuously for 18 months at 90 mcgs per day a very, very bad idea?

  2. I thought you had to wean off a quarter grain at a time, but that might just be hearsay

  3. from my understanding when taking T3 there is no point to taper off because your thyroid is shutdown. Woould you taper off of steroids??? NO. Theirs no point you have to run a PCT to get your hormone levels back in a short period of time. Same thing goes for T3. I know armour is a mix of t3 and t4 so this case may be different but i honestly doubt it. i wouldn't taper and for the month i would run some thyroid support supps until you can run the armour again.

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