1. Hi

    just introducing myself. I am an older male, 47. I saw an anti-aging pysician when I was 38 who started me on TRT. It made a world of difference in how I felt and functioned. I got online to research TRT, found some boards like this. So I also dabbled in the "dark side" until about 2003. Now I am just following physicians orders, even though I think the method could be improved.

    I went back to medical school in my early 40's, because I was inspired to do anti-aging medicine because of the results I got. Very very difficult for me, married with children. But I graduated. I got accepted into a medicine residency, however life got in the way - and I resigned. My youngest was hospitalized twice for meningitis, my mother in law had a stroke and required full time care - my wife quit her job to take care of her and several other things. I am trying to get back into medical residency at this time.

    *fingers crossed* Its going to be a miracle to get back in because of quitting. When you get into a residency they expect you to continue for the full 3-5 years (depending on what residency you are in) - and when you quit it leaves everyone shorthanded for work - other interns have to pull extra call etc.

    I have been reading the posts. Lots of knowledgeable bro's here, not sure I an add much. Probably learn as much or more than I could offer.

    But it looks like a real good site and just thought I would say HI

  2. Glad to have you on this board.


    Hopefully you will share what you have learned in school and from your personal experince, when others ask questions.


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