Deviated Septum can cause low testosterone?

  1. Deviated Septum can cause low testosterone?

    For a very long time ive sufferd from Deviated septum. Its when the Septum in the nose is bended to the left or right. I could only breath through one nostril at a time and it would always switch. I just had a deviated septum surgery a week ago, now recovering.

    My question is do you think breathing less can cause lower testosterone? Someone had told me sleep apnea can cause hormone problems.

    any info would be great
    thanks guys

    Just found this from some research:

    Palmer, Alaska: What is the connection between sleep apnea and low hypogonadism?

    Dr. André Guay : Sleep apnea causes low oxygen in the blood, which then inhibits the pituitary from sending signals to the testicle. This results in low testosterone production. This is often correctable with treatment of the sleep apnea.

  2. I know poor sleep in general can mess up hormones... I am living proof. So yes if it affects your sleep, it can affect your hormones. I am not sure about the oxygen specifically tho.

  3. If you have sleep apnea then yes it can really mess up your hormones. You should talk to jpk he knows alot about this stuff. I was supposed to get a sleep study done, but haven't been able to do it for other reasons. He was the one that gave me the advice maybe you should consider it too.

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