White Coat Hypertension

  1. White Coat Hypertension

    anyone know of any products to control this. Whenever I go to a doc office i get this as well as whenever I get excited or possible arguement? I get red and hot in the face. Any supps to control this or help this out/

  2. Anger management? LOL just kidding.

    Have you tried taking relaxing supps beforehand... like theanine, magnesium, 5-htp, gaba, phenibut? And cutting out stims like caffeine?

  3. i have the same thing going on. i think mine is related to anxiety attacks or poor stress managment or something. my doctor was getting concerned that i had high blood pressure and told me that if i just get white coat hypertension to monitor my blood pressure at home, and i have been, and its normal at home when i'm not stressed out, so i just report those numbers to the doctor so they're not diagnosing me for hypertension.

    just monitor your BP at home and let the doc know of your levels when you're relaxin at home

  4. Been there. Get a digital home BP tester and it'll store your home results to show your doctor later.

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