I have a few questions for you avid forum readers and bros on TRT. I am on androgel right now, but starting injections at 200mg/E2W in a month. I am going to ask him to do 100mg/week instead of 200mg/e2w.

1) What dose are you receiving, and what is your total T coming in at? At 200mg/E2W, what do you think my levels will come in at (peak and trough).

2) I was thinking of maybe cycling some arimidex at 25mg EOD. for 10 weeks on 10 weeks off. Comments?

3) Are there any natural AI's that are effective and I can take everyday? I have ATD but i heard it blocks the AR.

4) I think I am going to be cycling some Divan as well to help raise my Free Test. Comments?

5) I have some hCG. I was going to inject it sub-q at 300iu every 3 days. Good?