Cycle of Long Term TRT?

  1. Cycle of Long Term TRT?

    I need to ask a question or two. If someone is on long term test (200mg every 7-10 days and then 400 mg per week when doing a "cycle") due to natural levels being low (150-296 on 3 spaced out blood tests). Does it make sense to cycle off test completely? Or just do a bottle of HCG (50 iu/day/20days) with Clomid every 2-3 months just to keep the boys from shrinking up and to keep the HPTA cycle at least a little active? I would think going off test completely would be a bad idea for a bodybuilder type if their natural levels are very low. Last thing assume when "on-cycle" this person uses Deca or Eq (200-300mg per week). Your advice would be much appreciated.

  2. Anyone have any thoughts?

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