Multi Vitamin/Mineral Advice Needed

  1. Multi Vitamin/Mineral Advice Needed

    I was wondering if anyone can advice me on a good multi vitamin/mineral that contains no iron? I was thinking of going to GNC or maybe i should order it online. Just not sure of what to really look for.

    Any advice is appreciated


  2. I am experimenting with which has a very decent formula at a good price.

  3. I prefer raw food-based vitamins... Garden of Life - Vitamin Code Men's (has no iron). From vitamin shoppe or online. More expensive, but supposedly better. They don't give me that "vitamin headache" that I would get from any synthetic multi. I can even take them on an empty stomach... I tried that once with a synthetic and nearly puked 15 min later. Their probiotic "Primal Defense Ultra" is great too.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MoTiV View Post
    I really like these:
    Yea I really wanted to try this multi/mineral formula but it's been out of stock at Nutra Planet for some time now unfortunately. :/ Hopefully they get in back in stock soon!

  5. I like the Solgar line.

    VM-75 or VM-2000 are both decent formulas


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