Thank You Dr. Crisler & Staff

  1. Thank You Dr. Crisler & Staff

    I thought id post my experience traveling to Michigan to Dr. Crislerís Office.

    I just got back last night from Michigan. I flied from New York to Lansing airport(LAN) on Thursday and my appointment was this Friday. I was pleased to be able to get an appointment with Dr. Crisler the following week. Dr. Crisler has a great staff. When I first got in Patricia asked if I wanted anything to drink. Kim also came and introduced herself and told me Dr. Crisler would be seeing me shortly. Their office looks great and their couch is really comfy I must say LOL. I felt as if I was back home.

    Dr. Crisler spent a good time reviewing all my labs(there was a lot of them). And answered all of the questions I had. Im really happy that im in good hands now. I will start the a treatment protocol soon. I already got my meds that I needed thanks to Kim for calling the pharmacy on the spot. Im sure by working together we will find a solution to my problem.

    My current Endo said my testosterone range should be around 350 and that would be considered normal. And the endo was also treating me for a problem that I might not even have. So bye bye to my current endo. I will try to find a better local doctor who can work with Dr Crisler. This other doctor I had 2 years ago gave me a script for Viagra and sent me home. Even though I had told him all the symptoms that I felt. So after that I really lost hope. Iíve been suffering for 5 years and wasnít able to find a doctor who can help.
    Its really sad that their arenít that many knowledge doctors like Dr. Crisler. But now I feel really lucky that Iíve found Dr. Crisler who really cares about his patients and understands my problems.

    This was the first time I was really excited to see a doctor. It was really worth the travel. I heard people from other countries even come to see him. I felt as if I was going to meet a celebrity.(damn I forgot to ask for a autograph LOL). He is really famous though, the cab person even told me he sometimes picks up people from the airport who are coming to see Dr. Crisler.

    I really enjoyed this mini vacation. I recommend anyone who has any issues that are not currently being properly treated they should defiantly give Dr. Crisler a try. Its well worth the time & money in my opinion.

    A very BIG Thank You to Dr. Crisler And his wonderful staff

  2. Thats good to hear and nice of you to post.

    Crisler does seem like a great guy who is doing a lot to help a lot of people.

    There is so much negativity towards DRs, more often than not deserved, that it is always good to hear of a positive experience with one.

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