I did the Atkins diet about three years ago for three months except I never stopped ketosis, because the amount of weight I was losing. I averaged about a pound a day some days two pounds. In three months I lost 75 pounds. I stopped working out and I stopped the diet completely. Needless to say within a few months I gained back most of the weight. I Have been dieting and working out for the last two months. I have not lost any weight, but I know I have lost fat. I can see it and feel it in my clothes. Anyway if I do ketos again will it have a negative effect on my hormones or a positive one. I am pretty overweight now. Also is it possible to do a ketos diet lose weight and the slowly change diet back to normal without gaining weight while continuing exercising? I know slow is better and I need to be healthy, but which is worse ketos or being obese?