new dr?

  1. new dr?

    Ok I have posted my blood work and it seems everything is in check except my low shbg which points to high insulin. I also have issue with some low DHEA and thyroid is a lil outta whack still. So my question is can I get some opinions on what to do? I have a HRT doctor who has my testosterone and basic thyroid function working as well as my estrogen and such but not good with adrenals. So do I go see Dr. John and have him redo it all or do I just go see a doc that specializes in thyroid and adrenals and stick with my current hrt doc? He is a good reliable guy and seems to be informed on some stuff just not good with adrenal fatigue. I know I do have some insulin resistance issues for sure. So fellas which one is it? thanks

  2. where do you live?

    one of the best thyroid/adrenal DRs in the country is just north of Washington DC

  3. I'm in michigan.

  4. If you're in Michigan go see Dr Crisler. I've found that when dealing with doctors you have to shop around until you find what the person that knows how to treat you. It's your body, don't settle for anything less than what you deserve.

    If you have any questions about Dr. Crisler let me know, I've been to see him and I'm glad I did.

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