Prolactin and Estrogen

  1. Prolactin and Estrogen

    My tests:

    FSH 5.7 Miu/ml Ref range 1.3-19.3
    Lh 3.7 Miu/ml Ref range 1.2-8.6
    Total testosterone 230 ng/dl Ref range 190-1037
    Free testosterone 51.3pg/ml Ref range 35- 155
    Shbg 12 nmol/l Ref range 7-49
    Prolactin 15.7 ng/ml Ref range 2.6-13.1
    Estradiol 55 pg/ml Ref range <207

    I am going to see my endo in a few weeks after I take another blood test to recheck. The only thing he is concerned with is the prolactin and not to concerned at that. If I start taking something like cabergoline will it lower it enough for my test to get back up? Is this commonly prescribed for high prolactin levels or just prolactinomas? Any inhibiting effects or can in other words is it a permanent thing or used shortly to restore some balance? I am thinking about trying to get my endo to prescribe me something to lower my prolactin and my estrogen. I have gyno, ed, and feel crappy. I don't know about the estrogen though since I am in range he might not do it.

  2. suma, endoamp by primordial performance, rhiodala rosea, and reservatrol, with clean diet.

  3. maybe a little atd

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