NYC doctor??

  1. NYC doctor??

    Does any one know a really good doc in the nyc area?

  2. What kind of doctor are you looking for?

  3. One to do lots of blood work and adress my libido issues and possible borderline thyroid issues.

  4. I've had no luck here in NYC. Every Dr I've been to within my network has been hard to work with. Dr's here are stubborn I find and think they know it all and are not open to discussion very often ESPECIALLY if you are borderline...Most dr's here think if you're within range, you don't need treatment and just send you off. When I mention the work of people out of state, the answer I get is "This is NYC - you do not need to travel anywhere but here to get top care" yeahhhh right...Luckily my GP has still been open to treating symptoms and continues to do my bloodwork as needed.

    Look for A4M dr's here, anti-aging clinics/dr's. They are expensive, but they are here and there are some good ones.

    I would suggest going out of state if you want good treatment + care. PM me if you need more specific info.

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