Need help:How do I crash my Test levels?

  1. Need help:How do I crash my Test levels?

    I am serious about this.

    For background please see my other post on my blood work.

    More lab results...comments?

    I have finally got in touch with an endocrinologist....jeez was that a hassle in itself.

    Anyway, the doc is mailing me orders for new blood work. The assistant that called told me that there is three specific tests that they will need to see before the doctor will "allow" me to make an appointment. This guy is the busiest most respected endo in the city, so I'm thinking he does this to weed out the twinks.

    There are two questions I was hoping some one could help me with.

    Fast background: low T, elevated estrodiol and what seems to be totally crashed HG.

    Oh hell here is what I posted on the earlier post:

    thyroid Stimulating Hormone: 0.67 uIU/ml range: 0.4 -4.00

    Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: 26mmol/L range: 18-47

    Cortisol: 8.5 no range given

    Testosterone 3.19 ng/ml range: 1.75-7.81

    Estrodiol: 37 pg/ml range: 11.0-44.00

    Growth Hormone: 0.1 ng/ml range 0.0 - 6.0

    Thyroxine (T4) 6.4 ud/gL range 4.5 - 12.0

    My DHEA numbers on the blood work were good, probably because of supplements I take. I am wondering now, if I was off what I take, how much lower are these numbers really?

    Question 1. Anyone got an idea what the three blood tests will be? The lab assistant said she was not allowed to tell me. Take your best guess, please.

    Question 2. I am currently using Dermacrine DHEA, which works out to 60mg transdermal along with Phytotest per instructions by Primordial Performance. Will abruptly stopping using this stuff cause my T levels to drop? If not, how can I crash my T levels? I do not have access to DBol or anything like that, and I expect the orders to be here Saturday. The assistant did say I had a three day window to get the blood work done (for some reason).


  2. Do you honestly think the doctor won't know the difference? This field is under enough pressure as it is and we don't need people wanting to get gear, for no other reason than to have it. People read these threads and not just board members... Press, govt and the docs themselves.

    You want to try and trick the MD go right ahead but don't try and solicit advice on how to get it done

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