Treatment costs....

  1. Treatment costs....

    With the assistance of those here, I have located a potential doctor in my area. I have made preliminary contact and inquired about initial inquiries regarding costs, etc. I was informed that the first 1-hour consultation (depending upon doctor chosen) is $250. to $300. Lab tests are approximately $175. My question for those of you who have pursued this treatment (pellet T and possible HGH) is, what is the actual average cost per month once dosages are established, including meds, periodic lab work, etc? I want to get a good idea of cost since it is all out-of-pocket. Thanks.

  2. I got full preliminary blood work for like 400, 2 10ml vials of Test enan for $150 each, place was expensive vs. internet prices for things....

  3. why are you thinking pellets?

  4. Why do you ask?

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