VARICOCELE how to persuade doctors to perform surgery?

  1. VARICOCELE how to persuade doctors to perform surgery?

    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering, if I tell my doctor that over the last month that my varicocele has gotten a lot bigger and to the point where it is very hard to walk, will they usually perform surgery?

    Also, if it is hurting a lot, will they try to help you undergo surgery as soon as possible or do they make you wait for weeks anyways by appointment?

  2. Everything is pain related when it comes to getting a doc to get rid of something.

  3. Mate if you want to get rid of this thing you need to tell the Doc that it is causing you lots of pain leaving you unable to sleep. Tell them it has been so bad you have been taking otc pain relief every day and you are shying away from sex because of the pain. Maybe say you have had to take time off work too. Remember no one else can tell what sort of pain you are feeling and as far as I was concerned the amount of stress the thing causes on its own is reason enough to play up on how much physical pain it causes to get rid of it.

    Ps I had the embolization.

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